Tokyo Designer’s Week

We are in Tokyo Designer’s Week!

As a start up, we currently only have 3 products and will be shown on the show. Though all of them are small, they are all thoughtfully designed pieces! I really hope that we can design more exciting furnitures in near future!

Now we are at a stage of searching for good manufacturer and collaborator for production. At the same time, we are also preparing for Designer’s week. Hope to get good exposure and get inspired at that time.

Our focus is to design for the lifestyle living with cats. We think this is interesting because cats belong to home. They explore home in a 3-dimensional way. Would their spatial perception be different from us? It is always interesting to design for human/animal with different spatial perception, it makes us look at the world in a different angle.

Also, I personally am living with cat (just 1 cat) and I found difficulties in choosing suitable furniture/ products at home. Usually those “pet furniture” are way too cutesy- either with little “paw” patterns or it is in pink or purple, we have no choice! Why can’t we just live happily with our cats with style?

If you are by any chance be in Tokyo at this period, do visit us! We would really love to hear everybody’s ideas~

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