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Equipping Your Apartment with Your Cat In Mind
Posted by Caroline Fong November 8, 2013 04:00 PM


Most cat lovers adore their furry companions so much that they’re willing to put up with the shedding, collateral damage to furniture, and interrupted sleep. So what does it take to live in harmony with your beloved cat?

Short of turning into a cat yourself, setting up your apartment for compatible cohabitation will help immensely. To do so, it may take a few unique pieces. Take a look at this roundup of apartment fixings that will keep you and your little Snowball content.

1. Furniture for People and Cats

Located in Japan and Hong Kong, THE9LIFE describes itself as a lifestyle brand of home products and furniture for stylish people who share their homes with cats, especially where space is a luxury. Check out the Afternoon Table; I think it’s a really creative piece even if cat-less.

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the9life – Perabotan Rumah ‘Ramah Kucing’
MA 8 Nov ’13

The9life adalah sebuah merek gaya hidup yang berbasis di Jepang dan Hong Kong. Mereka memecahkan frustrasi yang hampir dimiliki oleh semua pemilik kucing dengan meluncurkan produk furniture yang ramah terhadap kucing. Semua perabotan itu mengacu pada tiga kunci utama yaitu kucing, manusia dan ruang

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The9life Cat furniture includes stylish cat furniture that fits urban spaces
Posted by Garima

It is often seen among cat owners that they are just too frustrated in getting  cat furniture for their faithful feline companions. Although they love their furry kitties, but they do not want to add an ugly piece of cat furniture to their house. If you are a cat owner and want to improve yours as well as your kitty’s quality of life, then take a look at the cat friendly furniture designed by The9life, a new lifestyle brand based in Japan and Hong Kong. The Cat furniture range from the brand was spotted at the 2013 Tokyo Design Week. The9life Cat Furniture line is designed especially for people living in populated urban environments where space is scarce. It tends to make the way of living for you and your furry friend, much better and valuable. Hit the jump to take a look at the gorgeous the9life cat furniture collection.

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3 clever cat furniture ideas from Japan
by ROAR on Nov 6, 2013 • 12:47 pm

Living in dense urban environments means that you will have to put a greater effort into creating a stimulating environment for your indoor cat than you would for their alfresco cousins. Hong Kong and Japan based lifestyle brand The9Life has created a range of products that answer the question of how we can turn ordinary furniture into interesting objects for our cats’ enjoyment.

Gorgeous items include the ‘Afternoon Table’ which features a recycling compartment for used magazines that doubles as a scratcher and a den. The ‘Welcome Home Shelf’ offers a place for your keys as well as a space for kitty to wait for your return.

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Cat’s Favourite Place
Andrea Berretta on Nov 5, 2013

Chi possiede un piccolo felino non farà fatica a ritrovarsi in molte delle situazioni illustrate da THE9LIFE “a lifestyle brand of home products & furniture for stylish people who share their homes with cats“. Ma se vogliamo dirla tutta tra i luoghi preferiti dai gatti mancano il cumulo della roba stirata e il sacchetto della spesa.

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BY HG.HU 2013. NOVEMBER 3. 18:11

A Hong Kong-i illetőségű the9life studio kifejezetten macskával együtt élő, környezetükre felettébb igényes ügyfelekre specializálódott. Termékskálájukon olyan bútorok és lakberendezési kiegészítők szerepelnek, melyekről nem rí le egyértelműen, hogy macskák számára készültek – hiszen nem is ez a helyzet. Tárgyaik legalább annyira funkcionálisak az emberek számára, mint a négylábú kedvencek életében, sőt, az állatukkal való interakcióra ösztönzik a gazdikat.

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Designers Make Quality Furniture For Cats And Their Owners
By Kelly Koo, 30 Oct 2013

The owners of lifestyle brand ‘THE9LIFE’ are located in Hong Kong and Japan, where space is scarce. In order to optimize small living environments for owners living with cats, they design furniture and home products that aim to enhance the comfort and style of small homes.

Part of THE9LIFE’s design philosophy is to explore the solutions and possibilities that arise from the combination of three elements: cat + human + space. They aim to create a stylish, quality environment for both owners and their feline friends.

‘Afternoon Table’ is a table with a storage compartment that doubles as a scratching post—place a stack of unwanted magazines inside to create a ‘scratching post’ for your cat. ‘Welcome Home Shelf’ can be installed near the door to hold small items like keys, and makes the perfect spot for your cat to perch on to greet you when you come home.

The designers also made a set of lovely ‘Cat’s Favorite Place’ posters to adorn your walls with. View the range of products here.

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the9life | stylish cat-friendly furniture
by Johnny on October 29, 2013

In honor of National Cat Day and, and as a cat owner myself, I present you with one of my favorites from the 2013 Tokyo Design Week. The9life is a new Japan and Hong Kong based lifestyle brand that “explores the endless possibilities that arise when you combine 3 key elements – Cat + Human + Space.” They solve a key frustration that almost all cat owners face: cat furniture is just too damn ugly.

Taking their experience from living in dense urban environments where space is scarce, the designers propose a number of clever products that help to improve the quality of living for both us and our faithful feline companions.

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ネコだって家族の一員だにゃん ネコと人間が一緒に使えるデザイン家具

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