Trip to Hong Kong


A short trip to Hong Kong, met 2 of our collaborators.

IMG_0157 IMG_0156

Had a nice chat with William- founder of Loveramics. Feeling really lucky of getting  this chance to collaborate with passionated and professional ceramic expert. Loveramics will be helping us on the production of ceramic parts in the designs.


Also met Out of stock – nice and supreme quality local furniture brand- specialised in handcrafted vintage designed furniture. We will be collaborating in the project and Tokyo Designer’s Week.

Cat’s scratch

Sometimes the purpose of scratching is not purely about sharpening paws. Instead, they purposely leave a highly visible mark and smell repeatedly on particular object. This happened to declawed cats too.

不要以為貓的磨抓行為真的為了修甲。重重覆覆地於家中某幾樣物品抓呀抓 (每間房起碼一件)。目的是為了留下明顯的“我來過了”的痕跡和氣味。貓即使除爪或者單獨飼養,也會有這個行為。就好像我們每到過一個地方都要Facebook Check﹣in 一樣呢!~

Delalande’s Coua

Delalande’s Coua 是非洲馬達加斯加 Cuckoo 鳥的一種。19世紀馬達加斯加被法國吸納為殖民地,大量破壞原有森林,並一併引入黑鼠和貓,兩種原來不屬於島嶼生態一部份的動物。因此當世界剛剛認識這種美麗雀鳥不久,就滅絕了。現今標本世界上僅存14隻。